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Mind-Work cover_200x309Mind Work

Shedding Delusions on the Path to the Creative Core

Selected Essays

by Peter Clothier


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In this collection of short, highly readable essays Peter Clothier explores his past and present in the effort to discern which parts of his life are essential and which might be left behind. Within the framework of an active Buddhist meditation practice, Mind Work is an authentic search for the creative core through a process of uncompromising self-examination, conducted in the belief that the closer we come to core of the individual “self,” the more we discover about our shared humanity, and the more we open ourselves up to creative inspiration.


According to Aristotle, the art is to hide the art. As you read Peter Clothier's latest book, you feel that you are sitting down by a warm fire with a glass of wine, and conversing with a thoughtful, reflective person about the everyday challenges you face and the extent that you are able or not to bring your practice to them. Peter's masterly writing leaves no trace of artifice or effort. Free from strident dogma and doctrinaire morality, these quiet contemplations gently resonate with your own challenges, and leave you wondering: what are you doing with your life?

Ken McLeod, author of Wake up to Your Life and Unfettered Mind: Pragmatic Buddhism

What drives us to create? Grounded in Buddhist meditation practice, "Mind Work: Shedding Delusions on the Path to the Creative Core" discusses the path to creativity and the many routes we take as people towards it in trying to gain a more complete understanding of our world. An assortment of essays that ponder the nature of thought and death, "Mind Work" presents much to think about for those who are following their own path to creativity in life.

Midwest Book Review

Peter Clothier's Mind Work is evidence… that a closely examined life is a rich and rewarding one. We are offered that rare thing, the privilege of witnessing a life unfolding, intelligently and humanely, toward ever-deeper wisdom and compassion.

Bodhipaksa, author of Wildmind: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buddhist Meditation and Living as a River: Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change

What the reader gets is a first-hand account of what it is to be a human being in pursuit of greater attention, clarity and compassion. The Buddha taught nothing more than that… Mind Work is a testament to the integral endeavors of a human being, no more, no less.

Stephen Schettini, author of The Novice and the blog The Naked Monk, and leader of Quiet Mind Seminars and Workshops

[I am] inspired by the author’s grappling with the human condition. This important book portrays a life well lived. Clothier deftly weaves family history with metaphysical questioning.

Gregg Chadwick, artist and author of Speed of Life: Studio Notes of a Contemporary Artist